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Welcome to the Solty Krakens Den

 We're happy to sea you! 

Solty Krakens is a collection of exclusive 3333 NFTs — unique digital collectibles. It was created using signature traits and attributes that were run through an algorithm to ensure each NFT has its own rarity level and properties.

Our artist has created a new, sleek and engaging art style that we believe you will love as much as we do. While the collection started as Pixilated art, we felt it was time to move on and create something that truly represents our vision and passion. We are thrilled to share our new art style with the world and hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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Roadmap 1.0

  • Launch Twitter and Discord

  • New Art Sneak Peeks

  • Launch Links Website

  • Launch Full Website

  • Whitepaper

Further steps will be revealed once the time comes!

Roadmap 2.0

  • Launch Solteria Fundraising Platform

  • Revenue Sharing - Web 2(fiat) & Web 3(crypto) fundraising options

The next steps will be revealed accordingly after the Roadmap V1.0 completion!

Regardless, we have decided to shed some light on what Solty Krakens holders can expect from the project in the long run.

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Solty Krakens Whitepaper

Solty Krakens ARE:

  • Building 1st Decentralized Fundraising platform - “Solteria”, with Revenue Sharing to holders

  • Saving the Ocean

Here are the key Holders' benefits:

  • Revenue Sharing

  • Web 3 News, WLs, Alpha & etc.

  • Free/ Discounted Solteria platform usage

  • More to come, including Roadmap 3.0

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